How can I detect applicationEvents?

Hello, I am trying to detect my app being relaunched, activated, and deactivated.
For handling a relaunch and events for carding, what am I supposed to use?
I am currently using enyo 2.0 so that I cannot use applicationEvents which is deprecated.


  • The cordova-js library for webOS provides many of those events. You can get the current in-development version at Activate and deactivate become Cordova's "resume" and "pause" events, while relaunch becomes a new "webOSLaunch" event that we've recently added.
  • Thanks for your reply. Why are those events are added to the cordova library, but not enyo library itself? Could you explain a little bit about the cordova-js library for webOS? I don't know what it is used for. I mean can't we just use native device function through luna service api?
  • Cordova-JS is the JavaScript part of Cordova (of which PhoneGap is a distribution). When we did Enyo 2, we made the decision that it wouldn't have webOS-only features in it, and those would be pushed to the lower-level Cordova layer. This allows you to build webOS apps using any framework but with the OS-interface bits in Cordova.
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