Horizontal scroller that is not fit:true

I'm trying to create something that seems very simple: a FittableRows with 3 rows:

1. Toolbar
2. ImageView (actually a custom panel, but the idea is the same) with fit:true
3. A horizontally scrolling list of thumbnails.

The middle row is a Panel with fit:true. The bottom row is a horizontally scrollable list of thumbnails. I cannot figure out how to get a horizontally scrollable list into a FittableRows below the row with fit:true. It works (in some cases) ok when it is above the row with fit:true, but not below. I've tried Data, DataList, and Repeater, (with nightly builds).

Here is a fiddle that shows the problem. If you move the fit:true to the ListBasicSample the list reappears. If fit:true is above the ListBasicSample, it disappears. http://jsfiddle.net/Ahnnv/

I realize this is nightly and not released 2.2, but I'm open to 2.2 solutions.

I'm also open to additional techniques to accomplish this.



  • Don't you just need to give the list a height and width?
    e.g. give enyo.sample.ListBasicSample a height and also the list a height and a width of 100% makes things look more as expected to me.
    (Sorry only very cursory look)
  • That worked. Thanks.
  • From what I read this is a typical problem that some controls need some good default values (for attributes like height and width). I wonder if there should be some useful values be predefined either at the kind definition or as a common style. For Enyo beginners it seems to be difficult to know which attributes should have some meaningful value. At least in Ares I hope we will get some good defaults when adding a kinds to the app.
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