scrolling in enyo 2.2. on webOS

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scrolling in enyo 2.2.

We have talked much about it, I have visited many discuciones on the subject, but all are very old, many have solutions to iOS and Android, but I come to find help on webOS.

I created a call apliaccion LFPre shows football results, but to create components in this scroll does not work smoothly.

Many will say that I use enyo 1.0, but I want to do cross-platform, and the best way is to use enyo 2.2. So can anyone help to improve scrolling on webOS?. No matter if it is compatible with android, for android and I have other plans that work

yesterday try this

and improved a little, but not like Mojo scroll scroll or enyo 1.0.

how to call the scroll is this.
{kind: "TransformScroller", name: "Contenedor", classes:"contenedor-principal",strategyKind:"TranslateScrollStrategy", horizontal:"hidden",fit:true,touch:true, components:[


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    webOS 2.2 isn't supported by Enyo 2 -- there are odd issues with the WebKit there, and given then the Pre3 was barely sold, we just don't have the resources to do any investigation.
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    Enyo 2.2 isn't supported by Enyo 2
    ??? - what do you want to say?
  • thank you very much.

    I understand that not to support webOS 2.2, then there is fastened to make a hybrid application using enyo 2 and lists of mojo?.

    It is a little crazy, but not if someone already has.

    Again thank you very much for the reply. I save the search for information.
  • One thing to note -- the list support in Mojo relied on special WebKit flags that turned off features (like layer clipping) to support fast scrolling. I don't think we used that in Enyo 1, and it's definitely not in Enyo 2. If you read the Mojo source on device, you can find reference to some "x-palm" features.
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