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Where should we file critical bug reports? The public jira instance currently has almost 500 unresolved bugs and I think I read somewhere that the team is currently working with a different jira instance. Also, I'm kind of hesitant to create pull request for fixes for unscreened bugs. Anyway, since this forum at least seems to be screened regularly, here are two critical bugs I found in the latest version (8c24870)

1. The pages in enyo.DataList overflow horizontally rather than fitting to the client width. Adding width: 100% to the .enyo-data-list .page rule seems to fix that.

2. .applyStyle() overwrites the complete style property rather than changing specific styles. I haven't looked into a possible fix yet.


  • I've opened three bug reports in Jira last week for bugs related to the new MVC pattern (ENYO-3128 ENYO-3125 and ENYO-3124) and they still are unscreened. At least ENYO-3128 seems to be critical.
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    Create the bugs there, but also post something here to make sure I see it. If it's critical, we can pull it into our planning process.

    @yeye77, I just screened those and pushed them to Cole for response.

    DataList is still in progress -- we just checked in a big change on Sunday, so it's likely there are some bugs.

    The applyStyle issue is an aspect of https://enyojs.atlassian.net/browse/ENYO-3122 and is being worked on.
  • All of the issues listed here should be resolved in master, would love feedback if you guys have time to check.
  • there is still an issue with ENYO-3128 (see my comment in Jira). ENYO-3125 and ENYO-3124 look good so far. Thanks!
  • Hi I have opened a new feature request ENYO-3235.

    I have also posted a new comment on the issue ENYO-3125 as I noticed that the previous value for computed properties is not correct (the previous value for computed properties seems to never get updated)
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