Handling XML-RPC requests via Enyo.WebServices

I'm trying to write an app which can fetch my blog posts and comments from my WordPress site by using the WordPress APIs [http://codex.wordpress.org/XML-RPC_WordPress_API], and am not quite sure how to handle it via WebServices. Basically I want to send POST requests to my site with the API methods and pass the parameters to it, but am not quite sure how to do implement it in Enyo.

I checked out the gallery but couldn't find any good examples for it. Can someone please provide some pointers about this.


  • Check out: http://latest.enyojs.com/sampler/ and Core->Ajax->Web Services
  • I'm looking for the same thing, that is, to send XML-RPC requests. Did you find a solution? The samples psarin points to does not include any XML-RPC examples.
  • XML-RPC is just a format used over AJAX. While many APIs have shifted to JSON, you can send and receive XML via enyo.Ajax. One of the properties is handleAs, which can be set to "XML" to create a XML DOM from the response. To send XML, you set the postBody property to the XML string and set contentType to "text/xml".

    You may find it easier to just use http://mimic-xmlrpc.sourceforge.net/ along with Enyo, having that code handle making your API calls.
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