Refactoring large monolithic App into Kinds and performance

We have an app that was built as we were learning Enyo and it the majority of the event handling ended up in one large base kind with lots of createComponent()'s.

Now we're starting to refactor into more understandable separate Kinds in separate files.

My question is, will this breaking up cause any performance issues? The reason I wonder is now Kinds that hadn't existed until being created in the createComponent() are being loaded in the package.js because they are preexisting files.

If no one can chime in I'll follow up once we're done :)


  • There is some cost to loading and creating a kind. In 2.3, we default to deferring kind creation until they're used for the first time, which saves some time for code that you're not using (like a lot of library code), but probably doesn't help much for code that's immediately used.
  • Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I think we will finish the refactor before moving to 2.3 testing.
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