Tip for all you Ares Users out there

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Box.net sync directory

You must first install the box.net sync app for this to work!

Just a quick simple way to get to Box.net using the local hermes file system pointed to the Sync folder on your PC/Server

make a second copy of the " local home " in the IDE.json
			"name":"Home Directory",
			"type": ["filesystem"],
			"provider": "hermes",
			"command":"@[email protected]", "params":[
				"@[email protected]/hermes/fsLocal.js", "--level", "http", "--pathname", "/files", "--port", "0", "--root", "@[email protected]"
			"verbose": false,
			"respawn": false

change the id "id":"home",

TO "id":"box",

change the icon "icon":"$harmonia/images/providers/home-32x32.png",

TO point to a new icon "icon":"$harmonia/images/providers/box.png", (there is a icon all ready there for box)

change the ---- "@[email protected]"

TO match the path to match your folder (works on windows) ---> " @[email protected]\\Documents\\My Box Files\\Default Sync Folder\\ "

this will also work for google drive and sky drive you just have to make up a icon for them

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