Enyo Popup Problem rendering the second time


I created a kind derived from "onyx.Popup", my problem is that when i show the popup before going into any other screen it shows and hides with no problems. The problem exists when i go into another screen (using the new ....renderInto(document.body); ) and get back to my screen (the one with the popup) and try to show the popup it doesnt render.

After some digging around i found out that there is a div that gets created the first time "floatingLayer" but when i come back to the screen this div doesnt get created again. Any suggestions how to fix this ?

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  • Yes, this is a known problem. The best way to fix this is to not render your app into document.body, but instead make a wrapper div and render into that, so rendering a new application doesn't blow away the floating layer.
  • Thanks alot Ben :) .
  • I also figured out another way, by setting the "floating" attribute to false (so that it doesnt depend on the "floatingLayer") then i used the parent of the parent of the parent :) to create the component.

    Thanks again for your fast response.
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