Tap fired after dragging

I'm not sure if it was always like this, but currently a tap event is fired after the user has completed a drag gesture. Is this intentional? Feels like a bug to me.


  • seems like a bug too. I'd guess that something in the drag code isn't stopping the tap event from happening.
  • Got it. Created issue ENYO-3074.
  • edited September 2013
    Hm, seems like the dragfinish event exposes a preventTap method (in dom/drag.js).
    var synth = this.makeDragEvent("dragfinish", this.dragEvent.target, e, this.dragEvent.dragInfo);
    synth.preventTap = function() {
    	if (e.preventTap) {
    But it feels weird having to explicitly handle all dragfinish events to prevent taps. I think this should be default behavior.
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