Deploying a 2.0 app to webOS device?

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So, when I palm-run my app, I get a card that starts to open, all my logs happen, but the app never shows up, just leaving me with the animated card forever. No obvious errors. help? :)


  • Thanks to rwatkins suggestion, I found that you need to call window.PalmSystem.stageReady() to get the app to open all the way.
  • Yeah, you can also use webOS PhoneGap to wrap the Enyo 2.0 app to get that (until we release a 2.0 webOS support library)
  • Unfortunately PhoneGap has some restrictions on webOS (File & Media especially) Which crimp one's style.
    I'm looking at porting my Mojo-based app to Enyo and then seeing if I can use PhoneApp for Android and iOS, but ideally I'd prefer to be in Enyo 2 for that.
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    Wow! I'm glad I FINALLY found this post with the stageReady() hint. This should be in the main tutorial.
    I ended up wrapping it so it doesn't bother non-webos platforms:
    if(enyo.platform.webos) {
  • Those PhoneGap limitations on webOS are actually webOS limitations mainly. We've been thinking about fixing the file access APIs, but doing so would require writing a hybrid app. The media APIs could be written using the media capture support added in webOS 2.0, it just hasn't happened yet.
  • A Node service can be used for file writing, too .. be handy if there were one included. I've been meaning to write a Node service that will mirror the PhoneGap file APIs, so I can wrap them both in my EnyoPlatform project, but my regular work has kept me from digging in to large tasks like that lately.
  • I agree, a system service for file access to /media/internal would be good (seeing as it can be accessed in every other aspect by DownloadManager, FilePicker, etc.)
  • The node service has the same system requirements as a hybrid, but can't modify the application directory.
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