Redid my website, and some new controls coming

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Hey, just thought i'd share. I just updated my website. It is completely enyo2.
I still need to optimize for mobile, and work out a few more things, but its comp, so check it out on a desktop or laptop.

Also, all the code is at:

Also got some new controls i am fixing up for release. They are all based on the slideable.

SlideableMenu -
An animating menu that slides in from on of the sides of the screen.
You can have it "anchored" to a side of the screen, or "unanchored"
to open at your desired coords.
You can align it to any sides of the screen.
Left and Right have a slide in from the sides of the screen.
Top and Bottom kind of "float" in from the top or bottom of the screen.
Has scrim support, floating support, autoDismiss support, and modal support.

SlideableSnapScroller -

A snap scroller to list a long line of items.
Currently only works horizontally.
This is based on my android.HSnapScroller that is in the gallery already.
It functions pretty much the same, but its performance is nearly twice as good.

Toaster -

A popup that slides in from a side of the screen you specify.
I put in all (i think, but i will if there are not all there) the properties of the regular onyx.Popup, but is based on the Slideable instead of enyo.Popup.
You have have it anchored to the side of the screen, or float to a point you specify.

I have almost got the SlideableMenu ready. Should have that done by the end of the week.
The other two will follow shortly.
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