Detect Scroll Position - MVC

I finally got a DataList working with the new MVC stuff - my compliments on the new design. I love the Store and Source concepts, and the way the controller and lists bind together. Very nice

I'd like to fetch ahead when the scrolling reaches the bottom of the list. Before, I was using onSetupItem and keeping track of my list size, but that doesn't seem to apply to the new mvc objects. How would I do that? I started inspecting the Scroller that's contained within the DataList, which works okay but I can't get the onScrollEnd event to fire unless I specify touch:true

The following works (note the touch:true in the scrollerOptions). If I remove that, I get the scrolling I want, but the events don't fire to fetch the next page

nextMessages: function(obj,event) {
var scrollBounds = obj.$.scroller.getScrollBounds();
if( >= scrollBounds.maxTop) {;
{name: "messageList",
kind: "enyo.DataList",
fit: true,

scrollerOptions: {touch:true, fit: true, horizontal: "hidden"}
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