checkbox inside the list with two buttons

i created a popup list inside i had check-box which render dynamically i provide two buttons in the popup list to render and cancel the activity as "OK " and " cancel " when i click on the check-box it set the value as true or false and render after i rendered the checked one in the popup and then i unselected those and select other ones and gave cancel if again i open the popup it has the latest one i checked not resetting the actual value rendered. is there any way to reset the check-box of the rendered value


  • Hi, is it possible you could put your example into a jsfiddle?

    Fundamentally, just having a button named 'Cancel' wont actually undo any changes you have made to data. Either your popup should work on a copy of the data, and the 'Ok' button should copy values back into the original data, or alternatively, the popup works directly on your data, and the 'Cancel' button updates from a copy of the original data created when the popup is displayed. However, I may be misunderstanding the question, hence why an example would be useful :-)
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