Can i use renderInto('some tag') for enyo 2 or is there any disadvantage?

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can i use renderinto('some tag') for enyo 2 or is there any disadvantage using 'rederinto' in enyo 2
for basically changing the contents.


  • If you've already rendered a kind into a container tag, you should just be able to call .render() on it to update that, although most property changes should automatically update the DOM. The only one that doesn't is createComponent() since it would be a performance problem to re-render after each call.

    Calling .renderInto a second time is generally bad... if you destroyed your kind instance then rendered a different instance into the same tag, that will work OK. However, if you find yourself wanting to call renderInto more than once, you're likely not using Enyo in the way it was intended.
  • actually i am using for changing page content. i have 4-5 different pages so i want to navigate to pages with dynamic rendering for that page only. so at a time only one page should be in dom. For this purpose i am rendering into the content. what other way is there to fulfill this requirement.
  • Look at this jsfiddle that I did for a bug report yesterday where I have a app manager kind that creates/destroys components for the full page.
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