How to display a keyboard on input focus in enyo2

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Hi Team,

We are working on openbravo WEBPOS which uses enyo2 for UI. We'll be using that on the POS touch screen very soon. How can we implement the virtualkeyboard popup on input focus in the loginscreens or other screens. A numeric keypad or complete virtualkeyboard. Does enyo2 have that built in feature or do we need to use any jquery libs? Please suggest us a solution. Thanks!


  • I don't think there is going to be anything in Enyo that provides this. That would be something that typically would be handled by the underlying OS....I would think. It should recognize that an input field is in focus and should show the keyboard.

    It might be that it's not correctly recognizing a focus event or something. I'm just speculating here.
  • Are you targeting webOS 3.0.5 devices (Touchpad or Open webOS)? If so, there's code in Enyo 1 for virtual keyboard control that could be ported forward to Enyo 2 for your own app. However, if you're just building for a generic web kiosk, you'll need to implement your own keyboard control.
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I found one @
    will try if i can add that in my app.
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