providing links between panels!!!

how do i provide a link to another panel from the existing panel?


  • You have a control in the first panel send an event back up to the owner of the panels, then have that owner interpret the event and use it to change the panels' index.
  • i have an input field and a button in the first panel... when i click on the button i want the text (whatever i enter in the text field) to appear in the next panel.. and how do i change the panel's index?
  • much easier if you show us some code, either a small snippet here or a larger one on jsfiddle.

    if you have everything in the same kind, then you'll do something like this.$.panels.set("index", 1); in the function you specified in the button's ontap property. To change the text, it would be something like this.$.controlInNextPanelName.setContent(this.$.textAreaField.getValue()).

    if you have the two panels as separate kinds, you'll have to do what Ben says - send events to owner and then have owner send them to the children.
  • got it!!! Thanks for the help!
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