Help in designing my UIs...


I'm not a web developer. CSS is quite unknown to me. I like javascript, but never really liked HTML and CSS and stuff... I worked a bit with Mojo and came along ok, by just throwing Mojo controls into the html file. It did not look very pretty, but was usable.
Then, in Enyo 1, things got a bit harder already, but basically I came along ok, too.

Now, with Enyo 2, I have the feeling, that it is close to impossible to work without CSS placing your controls or even let them look acceptably... :( Often my first attempts (especially when using FittableRows and FittableColumns) are not even usable... could live with ugly. But that is too much. :(
Is there a set of default classes/styles like there was for Mojo? Even with ares 2 I have a hard time to get a UI to look anything close to what I have in mind...

Any good beginner tutorials on CSS and other stuff/tips that would help me to make my UIs look better / be more usable? Any UI style guides for enyo 2?


  • Enyo 1 relied on wrapping CSS flexbox layout, which helped a lot with positioning. However, that only worked in WebKit browsers; hense the change to fittables in Enyo 2. We're working on a new "flex" layout module for the 2.3 release that uses flexboxes when available and polyfills them on browsers that don't support, but it's still work-in-progress.

    CSS isn't too hard. I've been using a little reference book,, at my desk when I need to get some help. I've also studied some of the better CSS frameworks out there. In an internal app recently, I used basic Enyo controls wrapped in styles from Twitter Bootstrap to get a nice look for data reporting.
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