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My name is Erich Ocean and I'm new to the Enyo community. I need your help and advice on some Enyo training I'm putting together this month.

Since 2008, I've taught a proven, framework-independent, end-to-end iterative methodology for development teams to think about, design, code, test, and maintain cutting-edge apps that people love to use. Apple, Eloqua, Cultured Code, and others have all successfully adopted my development methodology and developers tell me they now can't imagine working any other way.

My day long class is $1500/person, and I've taught it both onsite and remotely. The methodology I teach gives people a comprehensive mental model to think about app development and specifically helps with the 90% of code that makes their apps unique. My class is currently targeted at development teams, not individual developers, and that's what I want to change.

This month, I'm developing custom Enyo training materials targeted at individuals, not teams. My goal is to be able to do a regular, online class for people developing apps with Enyo using my methodology, approximately once every 6-10 weeks. I really want my training to fit as seamlessly as possible with the philosophy and idioms Enyo is built around, which is where you come in.

What I need are 6-10 experienced Enyo developers to work closely with me to adapt the presentation of my methodology to the coding and development idioms that are most appropriate for Enyo development. We'll do that over a remote GoTo Training session sometime in August (I'll coordinate a time that works for everyone who signs up to help).

I'll begin the workshop by teaching my development methodology for the first couple of hours, and then we'll spend the next couple of hours working out how to best integrate and teach that to other Enyo developers. This will be a hands-on, frank discussion of how best to introduce my methodology to Enyo developers, especially developers that aren't as experienced and need the extra guidance. In particular, I want to make sure I'm teaching as idiomatic as possible Enyo usage.

My hope is that after this workshop, a core of experienced Enyo developers will know both me personally, and understand at a deep level what I'm teaching to individual Enyo developers in my class and why. That should help keep everyone on the same page and give us all a common terminology to use in chatrooms, blog posts, and the Enyo forum.

If this sounds like something you can help me out with, there's a signup form at http://theoceanmethod.com/enyo-workshop. The workshop costs $150—90% less than I typically charge to train people. I'm essentially paying you for the time you'll be spending to help me develop awesome Enyo training material for others. And you'll also learn a great development methodology you can apply to your own apps.

I can tell you upfront that what I teach will not detract from what makes Enyo great. I'm dealing with larger development issues, specifically, the 90% of code that is custom to each app—regardless of what framework is used.

My goal is to keep people using Enyo in the most productive way possible, while adding a dramatically better understanding of app development and the fundamental development habits needed to build great apps using Enyo, or any other framework. Think of what I teach as additive, not an alternative, to what Enyo developers are already doing.

If you have any questions or concerns about my training or this workshop, please email me at [email protected] and we'll arrange a Google Hangout or Skype session to talk about it. I'm also frequently available on the Enyo IRC channel as "TheOceanMethod".


Erich Ocean
+1 323 482-3204
[email protected]


  • Ok, let me summarize this...

    - You want to sell workshops about Enyo using your methodology.
    - For that endeavour, you need some Enyo Devs to prepare the methodology, docs and materials.
    - You're going to organize a workshop for get this done.
    - Instead of paying devs for their work, or at least teach them your methodology for free, you plan to charge the people is going to help you prepare the materials you're going to sell.

    Is that right?
  • Is that right?
    - You want to sell workshops about Enyo using your methodology.
    Yes, I would like to provide training to individual Enyo developers online.

    - For that endeavour, you need some Enyo Devs to prepare the methodology, docs and materials.
    No. I have already prepared the Enyo-specific methodology, docs, and materials. I do not need anyone to develop materials for me.

    - You're going to organize a workshop for get this done.
    Yes. The workshop is $150 instead of $1500 because it's less training than I normally give (the class is just a half-day), because the Enyo materials themselves are "beta", and because I'm expecting substantial feedback on my new Enyo materials, not just me teaching the whole time.

    - Instead of paying devs for their work, or at least teach them your methodology for free, you plan to charge the people is going to help you prepare the materials you're going to sell.
    As I explained above, I'm giving a few select people a very large discount on my Enyo training because the materials I have prepared are still in beta, I expect constructive feedback from them, and the training does not include any follow up mentoring, which I provide as part of my regular course.

    I hope that helps!

    Best, Erich
  • I've gotten a lot of feedback on my original workshop post (I'm finishing up training materials for a number of different MVC frameworks this month), and I want to clarify a number of misconceptions about the workshop:

    0. I do not expect anyone to develop Enyo training materials for me at the workshop. I will be teaching Enyo training materials that I, alone, have developed.

    1. I am not expecting anyone to pay to help me develop Enyo training materials. That would be...silly.

    2. I am not implying that the Enyo workshop is identical in value to the $1500/person class I normally teach. It's not.

    3. My normal online class _for individuals_ will also be $1500/person, not some lower amount. (And for the record, the full-day class is way more than just a class, I do extensive followup mentoring to ensure that developers are able to successfully apply what they've learned. Considering how much I charge for my time consulting, I think the class is an incredible value, but I accept that reasonable people may disagree.)

    4. All of my classes have a 100% money back guarantee that to this day remains unused. But it's there if you're concerned about being scammed or whatever. This is a reputation-based community, and it'd be pointless to screw people over. Not to mention bad karma. ;-)

    5. Enyo isn't the only MVC framework I'm developing materials and an individual class for. My intent is to do the top dozen or so frameworks, and I've contacted those projects concurrently as well. If you want a framework that's not on my list, email me and I'll see what I can do.

    With that out of the way, here's the gist of what I tried to communicate in my original email:

    0. I will be teaching my entire state-based approach to app development in the workshop, without any limitations beyond not teaching my system for teams. This is the *identical* state-based material that I teach in my $1500/person class, just minus the team stuff.

    1. I will be teaching Enyo training materials and code that *I*, alone, have developed, but they are "beta" quality. There may be places where I'm not following idiomatic Enyo usage, APIs, or other community standards.

    2. I will *not* be teaching my full $1500/person class, which includes follow up mentoring, is a full-day-not-a-half-day course, and contains material that is specific to using my approach with teams. If you have any questions about this, please email me before signing up for the workshop.

    3. The workshop will not be a class where I teach, you learn, and that's the end of it. It'll be a hands-on workshop, and I expect attendees to help me work out any kinks in my Enyo training materials and code, which as I explained above, are currently beta quality.

    My normal online class for individuals *will* be $1500 per person (or $1050 if you sign up early). Because you'll be getting "beta" Enyo materials in the workshop and only a half-day of instruction, no followup mentoring, and no info on how to use my approach with teams, and futhermore, because you'll be expected to give me useful feedback on my Enyo materials at the workshop...for all of those reasons, I'm discounting the class heavily (by 90% ) to just $150. I think that's a fair price.

    Please accept my sincere apology if you were confused by my original post. I did run that post by a number of people before I posted it, and they weren't confused. Clearly, though, **It Was Confusing**. I hope that I have cleared things up for everyone.

    I've also updated the information on the workshop based on people's feedback: http://theoceanmethod.com/enyo-workshop

    Again, feel free to email me at [email protected], or ping me on IRC (TheOceanMethod) if you have any questions or concerns. I'm really looking forward to helping people in the Enyo community.

    Best, Erich Ocean
  • Registration for this workshop is now closed.

    Best, Erich Ocean
  • Can we delete this thread? It's blatant advertising.
  • While it is promoting a particular talk, the existence of external training is something we're glad to have on the Enyo team. I'm not going to delete this -- it's on topic for the Enyo forums.
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