calculator application!!!

how do i print a value in the input field whenever i click the corresponding button?? is setValue() enough or is there anything else i can do?


  • setValue should be sufficient to update a input control. If it's just a enyo.Control, you'd want to use setContents instead.
  • I always wondered why these method are not named the same when the functionality is the same for boths kinds.
  • Because setValue sets the value attribute of something based on the input HTML tag, while setContents sets the internal contents of a div. They have different meanings.
  • how do i read the contents of the input field after updating the input field?
  • i want to read the contents of the input field and convert them to integer type!! i use Integer.parseInt but it isnt working!! cud u suggest anything else?
  • If you are manually setting the content displayed in the input, you might as well set its value at the same time (I don't think they are linked):
    this.$.theInput.setValue(parseInt("1")); // or something
    Then this.$.theInput.getValue(); will always be the correct way to get the value you want.
  • yea i got it!!! thanks for the help!!!
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