New with ENYO need help for creating a basic application

i have written the code for a simple calculator and saved it as calculator.js, created a .css file for it and rendered it into a HTML file & also created a manifest file but when i try to deploy it in Google chrome the tab gets closed...Can some one suggest something what am i doing wrong????


  • What errors do you see?
  • i dont seem to find any
  • can you send me a step by step procedure todeploy it in google chrome. there is no material on the net that i dint refer to,but iam unable to deploy it.
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    Are you deploying it as a Google Chrome packaged app or just opening it in Chrome like a web page? To do a packaged app, you need to minify the app into a single set of JS files, as the mechanism used by the enyo.depends() call doesn't work in pages using Content Security Policy.

    See the slides from my short talk from the GDG Texas Dev Fest at
  • is there any way to remove content security ploicy?
  • if so how do you do it???
  • and about bootplate, is downloading and extracting the ZIP file enough or do i have to do something else for it to work???
  • No, Content Security Policy is mandatory for Chrome Packaged Apps.

    Bootplate includes a minification script, it's in tools/deploy.(bat|sh).
  • i used the and i got both build and deploy directory but it has only the minified versions of the sample programs
  • Did you run that in your own folder? Did you create a new HTML file for your app and leave the old one behind? I'd expect that you cleared out the original bootplate files and replaced them with your own app files, especially the root package.js file.
  • exactly what all should be replaced and where should be my application files be placed??
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    So you've unzipped bootplate.
    Your enyo code goes in .js files in the source folder.
    Update the source\package.js to reflect the files you've created. If your starting kind isn't called App then you will need to also change index.html and debug.html accordingly.
    Leave the top level package.js alone unless you are adding stuff in non standard folders.
    Open up debug.html in Chrome and you should see your app.
    Run the deploy script (from your folder tools\deploy )
    Now open index.html in Chrome, you should see your app.
    Both build and deploy folders now have the minified version of your app.
    Use the deploy folder to deploy how you wish, as it includes everything you need.

  • thanxx mahn got it.
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