Ares-0.2.0 is replaced by Ares-0.2.1


We've found an issue with phonegap build that will prevent new phonegap users
to launch an application build with Ares. This issue is confusing enough for
new users to warrant a new release of Ares.

This new 0.2.1 release fixes 2 issues:
- Ares can now launch a phonegap build on an new or empty phonegap account
- Generation of config.xml can now be disabled. Customization in config.xml
won't be clobbered by Ares when launching a build. See KNOWN-BUGS file for
configuration details

Sorry for the trouble


  • Does 0.2.1 upload using npm update? Where can I check the version of ares that I'm using?
  • Ares should, indeed, update with npm -d update ares-ide.

    If you want to see what version of Ares you have installed, the best way I would recommend is to go into your node_modules/ares-ide/ directory and run:

    cat package.json | grep \"version\"

    If you're on Windows then I'd recommend just opening the package.json file (again, under node_modules/ares-ide/) up in a text editor (not Notepad) and looking at the number inside the "version" parameter.
  • you could: type package.json | find "version"
  • @ekdikeo - well this kind of works for Windows 7 too ...
    At least first go here:
    cd node_modules\ares-ide
    And then just look at the very first line ...
    I would prefer that in the Ares UI we had some "About Ares" menu entry to display the version of Ares IDE and the required other resources like node.js ...
    (Not sure if there is such Enhancement Request in Jira for Ares already.)
  • Thanks for your very good remark Martin. I will open a JIRA for this.
  • ENYO-2795 is created.
  • edited July 2013
    package.json first line: "name": "ares-ide", "version": "0.1.0",

    I've tried update and I've uninstalled and reinstalled ares but I get same version?
  • @marian thanks!
    ENYO-2795 is created.
  • Anyone know if the npm installer is installing latest version. I keep getting version 0.1.0?
  • Went to and it says version 0.2.1

    Why does npm keep installing 0.1.0?
  • edited August 2013
    @fergus - Are you using some proxy server in your network. I did not get the latest Ares version when I was using the network of my company. Now when I upgrade from my private internet connection I do get the latest Ares version.
  • No, just a normal modem/router (verizon fios) set up.
  • Ok, figured it out. I was using node 0.8.19. Did not realize it had to be 0.8.25 but I guess the older npm version was not working properly. BTW, installing another version on node does not must manually delete all the other node directories first.
  • You can also run an `npm ls` to see the installed `ares-ide` version.
  • edited August 2013
    npm ls ares-ide 
    :) thanks a lot !!!
    npm help 
    gets you in a whole new world of commands. :)
    npm help help
  • Good to know, thanks!
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