Missing Images from API documentation

I've been gone for a quite a while, but though I would update my Enyo 1 apps to Enyo 2.

The new documentation is extremely short on sample images. It makes it so much harder to understand than before! Where did all of the great example images go?!



  • edited July 2013
    Speaking of the nightly builds. Gotta note. The documentation is frustrating. Specifically the API tool documentation. It's great that its all dynamically generated from source. But that makes it so there is no curation whatsoever. Model description had 3 missing links. There is no description of interesting kinds. Such as Router, where I found it deeply nested in the indexer. In fact. There are many interesting undocumented methods in MVC sample apps. But you simply need to stumble into them a lot of the time.
  • There's an open bug with the API tool where it doesn't handle code written with the IIFE style; that's why it's not picking up a lot of the new kinds. I need to fix that before we go beta with 2.3. We've not yet done a documentation audit that we'll need before entering beta because we're still finalizing the implementation, but we just added DataRepeater and DataList samples tonight, so things are getting closer.
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