Touchpad App not scrolling on Pre3

Dear Community,
I have a problem with an enyo app. The app is original from the Touchpad. I can install it with Internalz on my HP PRe3 and in works. Just the scrooling of an dir list dosn't work.
The app has two list. In the server list the scrolling works and in the dir list it doesn't scroll.

Is three a small code changing for TP Apps to work on Pre3? I know, the viewport, but this is not the solution, the display fits.

Greetings form Germany ...


  • No, there's no fix that I know of for this problem with Enyo 2 and the Pre3. Since that device is long out of production, we've not tried to look at the scroller problems there.
  • Thanks for your answare. But when the server list scrolls, why scrolls the dir list not?
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    @davodega - Daniel - I assume you have used some PhoneGap version to generate the Enyo2 app for WebOS. I have seen similar issues with my Enyo2 app on Pre3 2.2.4 where it behaves different than on TouchPad 3.0.5 . I was not yet able to debug this.
    Perhaps it helps to check the PhoneGap version ??

    Also Greetings from Germany (Stuttgart area) ..
  • I'm not the developer of the App. The App ist WebDav Client HD. I'v talkt to the the developers for give me chance to test the TP app of the Pre3. Month's ago I've found a blog and I wanted it to. There is no uasble webos client for ownclud, so I switch to webdav client because of this blog. The developers sell the app over their homepage and I installed it over internalZ. App works good, but the dir List doesn't scroll. If anyone have an other solution to use ownclound with my Pre3, please tell me.
    So now I'm looking for an solution to fix it. I can not belive thers no fix. Other Touchpad Apps I installed with AppTuckerBox working good, include scrolling.
    But I have no understanding of enyo and js and no time to learn it now from the roots.
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