Using g11n in French by default


I need to do a translated app but default language is french. I use the g11n library, but enyo won't fetch files like en.json or en_us.json in assets/resources/

For example in a kind, i use this :

and fr.json is empty : {}

and en.json looks like this :
{ "Bonjour":"Hello" }

The library work if I set another value to "Bonjour" in fr.json.
Is there a way to set that english is not the default language?



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    You can alter your copy of source/base/javascript/resources.js to use "fr" instead of "en" as a fallback language. I think there also a "en" reference in source/base/javascript/character.js.
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    I had to change it in locale.js and g11n.js too.
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