Ares-0.1.6 is out

Here is another version of Ares2!

The team was hard at work on Designer (ability to build more complex applications & allow a brand new non-HTML "absolute layout"), file-management (fixing drag-and-drop bugs), theming Ares (now using Less), plugin API's (more flexible definition of the sources when generating a new application) and PhoneGap Build (Ares now automatically downloads built packages).

We can now state that PhoneGap Build of webOS is currently broken. The issue is in PGB itself, not in Ares2. I will report this issue to Adobe/PGB.

As usual, install using "npm install ares-ide" and update using "npm update ares-ide", and report issues / vote for existing issues in our JIRA at: (component: ares).

Happy coding.


  • I had a package generation issue & had to "npm unpublish" & re-"npm publish". You can get 0.1.6 for real now.
  • edited June 2013
    Hello users. I had to re-publish ares again. None of you has probably succeeded to "npm install are-ide" because the a sub-postinstall script was missing from the tgz archive (we forgot it into the package.json manifest). It is now included & we have tested that installation works fine from the archive on Linux (Ubuntu), OSX (10.8.3) and Windows (7). You may want to clear your NPM cache from any 0.1.6 copies before re-installing.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
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