London Tube Status WebOS App rewritten in Enyo 2

Our London Tube Status Mojo App never went beyond BETA status, as we discovered, that several other Apps beat us to it and provided the functionality we were building. So we parked our effort to focus on other apps. But we discovered that some of these apps are no longer functioning.

So we decided to resurrect our London Tube Status App, and while we are at it, rewrite in Enyo 2.0. So this is now the second Mojo App we have ported to Enyo 2 and PhoneGap. Must say, once you have ported one app, it gets progressively easier and more fun!

We also decided to release the source code under Apache 2.0 license for the benefit of any developer who would like to reuse our code or simply see an example of how to write an app using Enyo 2.0 and PhoneGap and utilize native WebOS functions. Check out London Tube Status GitHub Repository. We are hoping this will encourage other developers to consider porting their old Mojo Apps to Enyo 2.0 or even inspire new developers to join forces and build more Enyo 2 apps for WebOS.


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