Ares 0.1.5 is out

Continuing on our strategy to release early & release often, here is a new set of bugs (and hopefully some bugfixes) from the Ares 2 team.

* Install & update as usual via NPM ("npm install ares-ide" or "npm update ares-ide"
* No, node-0.10.x is not yet supported, but we have some good changes...
* Continued our CSS polishing work
* Improved stability, especially against time-outs
* It is now possible to develop Ares using Ares (thank you @microtech)
* Project-View (Harmonia):
* You project can now include spaces in its name... as can any of your files or folders.
* Drag-and-Drop of files & folders in our file-manager (w/ package.js automatic update, as usual)
* Edit > Duplicate duplicates an existing project, so that you can use your own work as template
* PhoneGap Build (Harmonia):
* Assets are now properly embedded in the packages.
* Packages are larger as we are trying to kill a minification issue (not yet fixed), but this change also fixed a lot of platform-specific issues. You may want to re-test your past PGB issues with this new release.
* Works behind an HTTP proxy
* Designer (Deimos):
* Huge amount of small bugs were fixed. Drag & drop from the Components & Control Palette is much improved
* We added a small CSS styling helper in the right pane, to help for rapid prototyping

As usual, please report issues here or on our JIRA. Do not hesitate to vote for issues or requirements that you consider as being the most important or valuable to you.

More detailed instructions in our GitHub README for 0.1.5


  • Thanks.
    First I tried "npm update ares-ide" (minutes after this thread was started) and it did not install Ares.
    Now I did "npm -d update ares-ide" and that installed well AFAIK.
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