Open Keyboard, close Popup ~ screw up layout

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0

At PhoneGap apps, if i have keyboard and Popup open at the same time, then once i close the Popup by tapping any area outside Popup , then app will show the HTML Body -- enyo apps hidden.

I tested using Weinre and able to make it visible again by calling show() method of enyo components. But which Popup event shall i monitor to execute show() method as workaround? i tried with onClose and it was not triggered?
Is there better solution?


  • It's not clear to me what exactly happens here. You bring up a popup, and the app is still visible behind it. When the popup is dismissed, the app content goes away too?
  • upon i typed something in keyboard, i bring up the popup. Up to this point everything is ok.
    But once i try to close the Popup , by tapping at any area outside the Popup, then everything disappear. Only gray HTML body is shown.
  • onClose was not trigerred in my case above because i defined the event handler function within the component itself.. Meanwhile i was instantiating it from "other" component. Once i definced the function at the "other" component, then i can capture the event, and the workaround above works well.
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