ToasterPopup control

edited June 2013 in Enyo 2
So i made a Toaster popup control out of a slideable.
You should be pretty much be able to drop it in over an onyx.Popup or enyo.Popup.
Supports floating, scrim, autoDismiss, modal, centered.
Added in support for centeredX and centeredY, so you can only center it on one axis.
You can have it anchor to a side (top, left, right, bottom), or not and have it float at a custom position.
You need to set a top or left (or both if un-anchored) to give it a spot to render to.

Still got some work to do on it, but its pretty functional right now.
heres the jsfiddle:

Once i get my app update finished ill push the code to github and the community gallery.

Also got a lot of work done on my SlideableMenu (, i'll be posting an update to that too soon.

Any bugfixes, updates, or comments welcome.


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