Content in a enyo modal

Hi Team,

I am calling a modal with parameters. In the modal, i checked whether am getting params properly using this.args, and it works fine. The args i get is a list of items.

Now based on the no. of items, i want to create no. of buttons within the Modal. I am kinda of confused where exactly to write the code related to it, is it in executeOnShow() or bodyContent() or bodyButtons() function.

The content in this.args is -


Added below the code for my Modal.
	  kind: 'OB.UI.ModalAction',
	  name: 'OB.UI.ModalTable',
	  popup: 'modalCancel',
	  header: 'Tables',

	  bodyContent: {
	  bodyButtons: {
	  executeOnShow : function() {
		  console.log("in execute on show");

Any help will be appreciated.



  • None of the things you mentioned are native Enyo constructs (right?). I'll assume they're not handled specially by the parent kind (OB.UI.ModalTable). This is the approach I'd take:

    It uses a published property to accept the incoming items and then renders them in the changed handler. Hope that helps.
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