Handy Metro DC for BlackBerry 10

Handy Metro DC, a guide to Washington DC's Metro rail system is live in BlackBerry World and available for BlackBerry 10 devices.

It was created using Enyo 2.2 with a little CSS styling inspired by bbUI.js to give it a nice BlackBerry 10 look and feel.

If you don't have a BlackBerry 10 device or have no plans to ride the DC Metro you can still see some screenshots at http://foulweatherapps.com/handymetrodc


  • just tested it mon Z10. Very cool! would it be possible for to share the css used to stlye the enyo controls?
  • Thanks for taking a look.

    A bit of background (actually probably way more than anyone wants) - I originally "soft launched" the app into BlackBerry World a few months ago with a mostly standard Onyx theme before I even had a Z10 to play with, I only tested on the emulator.

    After I received my Z10 and started using it I decided it would be nice to have a more native-like theme available so I started looking at bbUI.js, jQuery Mobile's BB10 theme and Sencha Touch's BB10 styling. bbUI.js and jQuery Mobile are more HTML-oriented with a bit of JavaScript tossed in and I wasn't very impressed with Sencha Touch's BB10 theme so I went back to Enyo.

    It would be fantastic if BlackBerry contributed to a BB10 Enyo theme like they have for those other frameworks (anyone have some pull with the BB team?) but so far there hasn't been much response on that front.

    I initially tried to hook enyo and bbUI.js together without a lot of success, at least in the way I was trying to do it. At that point I decided to start working on a solution based on the Platform-Aware Controls idea from theryanjduffy. My grand vision was to start with BlackBerry 10 and add other implementations like iOS and Android.

    Of course reality sets in when you start coding and I eventually had to make some compromises to get my refactored app out the door in a timely fashion (most notably the Q10 US launch although looking back I guess I had more time than I thought). So the theme is more Handy Metro DC embedded than I would like.

    Ultimately I hope to find the time to put the BB10 theme up on GitHub, it consists of some custom kinds, arrangers and packaging code so it isn't just CSS styling. What little I've seen of Enyo 2.3 leads me to believe it would be best to develop against it so I will probably dig into that in the near future with hopes of cobbling something together that would be usable by others, even if isn't my grand vision...
  • I started exactly the same process some time ago (I looked at bbui and jquery BB10 theme) but so far I only have the actionBar working. I found it very comlicated to extract the needed info out of bbui.js. Also I didn't found a good way to change the theme on orientation change.

    I agree it would be really useful if BlackBerry would contribute to enyo :)
  • Hey,

    I've begun to write a bridge between enyo and bbUI.js, which you can find here: https://github.com/johannjacobsohn/enyo-bbui

    There is a sampler as well: http://johannjacobsohn.github.io/enyo-bbui/sample/

    Suggestions and pull requests are very welcome :)
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