Ares 0.1.4 is out

I am pleased to announce [email protected], that we just published on, at Unlike previous iterations, this one is out after two sprints. I expect next release will resume to a "1-sprint is 1-release" model.

$ npm -d install ares-ide

ChangeLog Brief:

- PhoneGap build feature restored. Much faster & now working on Windows with deep folder structures.
- Improved designer (to be continued)
- Improved file manager (to be continued)
- Better visual design (to be continued)
- Split into (use Ares to develop applications) and (Contribute to Ares).

ChangeLog details:

As usual, we encourage you to report issues and/or vote for existing ones at (component: ares).


  • Congrats to the Ares team on the new release!
  • +1 - Upgrade installation from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4 was smooth (I had to wait a few moments and everything was completed.) Thanks.
  • edited May 2013
    I had a look at Ares 0.1.4 (with bootplate 2.2.0) and see a some improvements. So let me comment here as this reflects the status as of 0.1.4:
    The remote phonegap build seems to finish successfully. I see no more errors and at the phonegap website I see that packages have been created.

    #1. In Ares I selected PhoneGap build for webos only - but phonegap website seems to generate builds for all platforms.

    #2. I no longer selected the option "enable debugging" at the phonegap website for app Settings. But still it generates a 7.5 MB package for webOS. (My local "build" is just about 150KB in size)

    #3. Although the build seems to complete without errors I still can not execute the package on my TouchPad 3.0.5. I can install it webosQuickInstall 4.5 but after starting the app it remains with a blinking icon forever. The app initialization might have an issue. (But my local build for webos "tools\deploy.bat --cordova-webos" just executes fine on HP webOS)

    So for now I can not use the remote phonegap builds. I even have no idea where to expect the result of the remote build. Is the intention to download the successful build to my local machine - or it is expected to use the device to pick up the latest build from phonegap website ?

    My "local build" works fine - although a number of items appear strange:
    I assume some events are missing - e.g. I can not zoom in an Imageview (not with double -touch and not with 2 finger touch gesture). On Pre3 everything appears scaled down too tiny - I need a way to scale my app. Orientation of the app does not change between landscape and portrait view. ... (perhaps my "local build" is incomplete: I just use the "tools\deploy.bat --cordova-webos" command with a local copy of cordova.webos.js (phonegap 2.5.0 version))
  • Another change I noticed with Ares 0.1.4 is this:
    #4. Now the main menu Ares -> Properties... opens a pop-up window. It displays in the center of the window and the only content is a button labeled with "OK". Hitting this "OK" makes the pop-up to disappear. But else nothing is displayed and I have no idea what this "Properties..." is intended for. In earlier Ares versions nothing was displayed at all (at least nothing was visible for me on Win7 with Chrome browser). Perhaps I'm missing some property file or this is just a menu for future use ??
  • Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    #1 is a known issue on the PhoneGap build site. Although Ares selects only a few platforms, PGB always build for all of them.

    #2 Is likely due to the package being sent to PhoneGap containing both minified & non-minified code. We will look into this.

    #3 I am afraid we did not test that one...
  • About #4: this is a placeholder for the Ares-wide plugin properties that we are working on these days. We are also working on enabling direct apps download without having to download them manually form the PGB site.
  • @fix_kowalski - thanks for explaining.
    are these known limitations documented somewhere other than in Jira bugs?

    #2 this might be a PGB site issue too. Before I once selected the option "enable debugging" it was generating small builds (when using Ares 0.1.2/0.1.3). After enabling debugging once it only generates this huge builds.

    #3 I don't know what PGB version would be recommended for webOS anyway. In Ares config file I have seen "2.0.0"; my PGB site is configured to use "2.5.0" (also what I downloaded that to my local machine); the PGB site recommends "2.7.0" in these days.

    #4 ok - perhaps the pop-up window could display ".. for later use .. [OK]" to indicate this window will be used with later Ares versions ..
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