Why should I use enyo now when Web Components are coming?

With Shadow DOM, custom tags, templates etc..
Where is the need for enyo?


  • Enyo works now. It's been proven, and there's a community built around it.

    Web Components are coming, and with cooperation from vendors, they'll be well supported. However, a lot of that spec if still being worked out, and they'll require some sort of polyfill for quite a while to support old browsers.

    I see your question as saying "why should I buy a 2013 car and be able to drive it for a couple of years when there will be a better car in 2015?"
  • Thanks for your reply. I'm asking this just to see if the time it takes to learn enyo is worth it.

    Practically, are you saying that once Web Components will be out, Enyo will be obsolete?

    Thank again
  • I don't think so. Web components do not cover everything Enyo covers. Enyo has a nice API for the developer which is something completely undefined for web components. Web components provide a much more basic API, you can use Javascript but whether you use it pure or a framework is up to you.

    I think Enyo could use web components in future, but it will probably never be replaced by them.
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    @Ofek we don't know how EnyoJS will evolve, and how Enyo will adopt Web Components in the future (if it does). The way I see it (too much simplified), Web Components are custom tags with Javascript helping to bring them to life, so I can think a lot of ways Enyo could evolve making use of web components, once the technology is ready.

    Not that Enyo evolving is stagnant, but the opposite, so I can't see why anyone should care.
  • Thanks guys, time is expensive and I can't afford to learn every new Javascript library there is (and there's a lot).
    The real strength I see in Enyo now is the great performance. I will look more into the library to see how it fits my need. Thanks again!
  • Enyo is not just a library - it is a conceptual framework :)
  • Took an initial (and still very rough) cut at exposing enyo kinds through Polymer web components.

    Demo and Source
  • Hi, i'm trying to use poylmer with enyo. I found this post but the demo @theryanjduffy don't work. Any idea how to use the polymer (paper) elements in conjunction with enyo?
  • @yeye77‌ I'll spend some time tomorrow updating it with my latest. The polymer API has changed a bit since I created the original version.
  • Will have a look asap. Thanks!
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