checkbox not responding to tap within list row

Hi all, my app has list with each row consisting of four columns. The fourth column per row has an onyx.checkbox, which shows up ok. When I tap the check box it does not get checked and when it eventually gets checked on repeated taps, no other checkbox gets checked. When I scroll the list then I see all check boxes are checked when I had only one selected.

The checkbox worked fine in my Enyo 1 version. What is the difference in Enyo 2?. And how can I get it to work properly?.

any pointer much appreciated.


  • Can you use Enyo repeater? The Enyo 2 List is much like Enyo 1's VirtualList where it uses a flyweight model; that means that you don't have live objects for each row, but instead the framework stamps out DOM nodes from one set of objects used over and over. This causes problems with event handling in a row -- normally, the way you'd handle that is by having a tap handler in the owner that changed the data model, then called renderRow to update the row by regenerating it.
  • Hi unwiredben,
    my Enyo 1 app uses virtualList hence my use of List in Enyo 2. The docs say repeaters are not for large lists. My current data is over 1500 and increasing.

    In Enyo 1 the checkbox works very well within virtualList.

    I shall try a repeater and see how it handles the checkbox.
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