Avoid tap through on Android


I'm using Panels with CarouselArranger.
One of the panels got a search text input while the second has a back button.
This is pretty similar to the sample 'LazyLoading list (Flickr)'

when I click on the back button, the second panel slides to the right, re-reveling the first one and... active the search input
It's pretty annoying since it also opens the virtual keyboard, etc....
It's like if the tap on the back button was also handled by the search input which is, in fact, hidden behind.
Like I said, it also occurs on the last loading list sample so it doesn't seem I miss something...
I tried to return true on ontap handler without success...inEvent.preventDefault doesn't work too...

My problem seems to occurs only on Android phones (tested on HTC Desire Android 2.x)

Does someone know how to fix this ?



  • i know this sound stupid, try using onclick on the back button, then use inEvent.preventDefault. This solution works well in Android platform only.
  • You can also try disabling the text input until you need it. Android uses native inputs for the webview, and sometimes cause some issuues.
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