Nightly sampler can not run CanvasBallsSample

edited May 2013 in Enyo 2
As most issues seem to be fixed for Enyo 2.3 version I want to point out that the Nightly version of the sampler can not run CanvasBallsSample:
This sample worked fine in 2.2.0 version - but currently I see this error in Chrome debugger:
Uncaught enyo.Object.bindSafely: this["enyo.sample.CanvasBallsSample"] is not a function (this="enyo.sample.CanvasBallsSample") enyo.js:57
enyo.kind.bindSafely enyo.js:57
enyo.kind.setupBalls app.js:425
enyo.kind.rendered app.js:425
enyo.kind.rendered enyo.js:138
enyo.kind.inherited enyo.js:27
This happens so early that the "View Source" button is not available to inspect the underlying source code.
I'm happy to submit a bug report if it is an unknown issue.


  • Thanks for the report. I just pushed a fix to CanvasBallsSample.js to fix this. I made a mistake converting uses of enyo.bind to this.bindSafely and forgot to remove the this argument.
  • @unwiredben - thanks for quick fix ! I'll check out the next nightly build then.
    So far I did not notice any other issues in all of the samples. :)

    BTW - can we add somewhere in the online sampler what Enyo version / build date it is using ? perhaps as another sample entry in the Enyo Core - platform. This sample would show how to programmatically find out the currently used Enyo version.
  • The problem is that the framework doesn't have a "version number" or "build date" identifier. We could alter the build script for the nightly hosted sampler to add something, but that complicates things.
  • ok - I assumed it might have fitted in here: this.$.enyoPlatformJSON.setContent(JSON.stringify(enyo.platform, null, 1));

    Never mind.
  • No, enyo.platform just has runtime-derived information about the host browser/container.
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