Handling Click through from popup

I encounter a problem, when I was using popup with a ok button. When the ok button is pressed on top of the input form, the form input immediately get focus. I tried event.preventDefault() within the ontap event. Doesnt seem to work in Android default browser. This is a pure web app not phonegap one.


  • There's a general problem with input fields on Android taking events, even when other HTML elements have a higher z-order. One idea is to disable any fields when there's a popup, but it's not something we've tried to put into the framework yet.
  • right now I use onclick to replace ontap, the onclick seems slower in response thus allowing more time for it to fully process. It's weird but, seems to work on android for some reason. This problem is more apparent on windows phone 8
  • yeah, ontap is a synthesized event made int he framework from the mouseup/mousedown, so it is dispatched quickly. onclick is generated by WebKit and is delayed to verify that the used actually was doing a click. What me may need to do is use a "preventDefault" in ontap to set a flag also inhibiting the next onclick, but we'd need more research to know if that's reliable.
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