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I noticed something weird about IE10 in windows phone 8 and the ones in phonegap. In phonegap version, we were told include the viewport syntax as part of the css @-viewport like the ones in here.
But I realized the enyo sampler doesn't have any of those. not sure, which viewport the ie10 reads when it's loading the sampler. Does the default meta tag viewport works for ie10 mobile?


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    The phonegap information is correct. IE for Windows Phone 8 interprets "device-width" in a meta tag as 320px, yet will interpret it as 768px using @-viewport on a device, like the Lumia 920. While typically you'd want to target the true device width, doing so on a Windows Phone 8 device will render components much smaller than you'd generally expect - thus, Enyo hasn't included any specific Windows Phone 8 viewport CSS.
  • ahh that explain why all the sudden the view get shrunked thanks. :)
  • Is there some way to debug content when it's in windows phone 8, i mean the browser not the phonegap version. I find it very difficult to do so. When i tried debugging tools like weinre it doesnt show the element and doms in realtime.
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