LoveVoucher App developed in Enyo 2.0 now available for BlackBerry 10

After a month or so in development, we are very proud to announce we have now released LoveVoucher App written in Enyo 2.2 and PhonGap 2.6 to BlackBerry devices.


Now available to download free from BlackBerry App world


This is the third platform we have ported our app into with relative ease ! Well done for Enyo for creating this marvelous cross-platform development framework that enabled us to do this.

A few learning points we would like to share
  • On BlackBerry 10 platform, to invoke Phone App use tel: protocol as below.
    window.location.replace("tel:" + this.address.telephone)

  • Turn on WebInspector by turn on debugging by editing qnx.xml. This saved us hours of effort trying to debug the app running in the BB10 Emulator. Just make sure you turn this off before submitting the App !!!

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