Healthy Habit Tracker

New app currently available for Android, Kindle Fire, Chrome Web Store, and Pokki:

Healthy Habit Tracker

Also available as a web app at:

Made using Enyo, Parse, and PhoneGap (for Android versions)

Coming soon to Firefox OS and Windows 8


  • I just tested it and it works great! Scrolling lists look really fast. Do you use some special optimisation?
  • Thanks! Didn't really customize the scrolling at all, Enyo's scrolling mechanism works great. I did avoid css shadows on anything that scrolls, and that greatly improves performance on almost every platform, especially Android.
  • Thanks for your quick response :) I tried to remove all the box-shadow but it makes little difference, at least on my galaxy nexus. Do you use hardware acceleration? Scrolling looks more fluid on your app also the thumb looks like a little bit different.
  • edited May 2013
    I don't have hardware acceleration enabled for Android, and actually didn't see a major difference whether it was enabled or not.

    The thumb should just be the system default, not Enyo's. For the weekly view on phones this is the actual code used for the scroller (Contained in a FittableRow):

    {name: "client", kind: "Scroller", fit:true, defaultKind: "WeekBoxSmall"}

    Not sure if it makes a difference, but I don't use lists or repeaters. Since most people probably won't have more than 10 items, I didn't see a reason. I did test with 50+ items, and it gets sluggish, but it's unlikely people will use my app with that many items.
  • Ok I use the list feature with 50 items that's the reason why I see a difference! With lists the number of items don't play a role but with scrollers the size of the scrolled content does have an impact on performances. Thanks.
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