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Hi all,
I would be grateful if someone could show me exactly how to deploy enyo 2 app to Touchpad or Pre3.
I have minified my app sucessfully from a bootplate template, and runs fine via index.htm file.

I have included the following "script src="cordova-2.6.0.js"" before enyo script in the head section of index file and {kind: "Signals", ondeviceready: "deviceready"}, in the components block of the app.js file in the source folder of bootplate prior to minifying for deployment.

In windows 7 cmd, I have used "palm-package" from the phonegap2.6.0 \lib\webos directory to package the minified bootplate and appinfo.json within the framework folder. successfully creating the .ipk for installation.

The app installs on the emulator (Touchpad) but the app hangs on start up. I have tried this with the Hallo World basic app in bootplate too but it does the same.

Finally cygwin is referred to in another search but is it absolutely required? it is not referred to in others.

A Helping hand much appreciated


  • Have you included this line somewhere that loads up first?

  • Hi chrisvanhooser,

    Thanks for your reply, assuming you wanted to deploy the "Hello World" app in bootplate template to a Touchpad, where exactly would you include the line suggested?.

  • I'd add this to index.html/debug.html after the call that creates the app object and rendered it into the DOM.
  • Hi unwiredben,

    Thanks for your response. I have tried the pointer but still the app does not open in Touchpad emulator, it just hangs at the crescent logo.

    I would be gratefull for more specific instructions on deploying the "Hello World" in bootplate 2.2 to a Touchpad in particular. Am using download version of phonegap 2.6.0. in Win7 64bit.

    In this paticular instance a helping hand is very much appreciated.
  • I'm on a Mac and things work alright for me so I can't help much with Win 7 issues right now, but can you ssh or novaterm into the emulator and check the logs to see if there are any clues?
  • Yeah, it's sounding like some error is being thrown aborting the JS script parsing before it gets to the PalmSystem.stageReady() call.
  • You don't need phonegap if you just want to deploy your app to Pre or Touchpad.

    Here's how to:
    Modify debug.html/index.html like this:
    		if(window.PalmSystem) window.PalmSystem.stageReady();
    		new App().renderInto(document.body);
    then "deploy" and add a valid appinfo.json to the root folder of the deployed app (besides index.html). Details on how a valid appinfo.json is like are on

    Then palm-package <deployed app folder> creates the .ipk that you can install with palm-install on every webOS device or emulator you want.

  • Thanks, thanks, thanks chk5e,
    Got my enyo2 app in Touchpad emulator in no time at all. Very many thanks.

    To FoulWeather, what lines did you add to your index.html/debug.html and app.js in order to get "Hello World" in bootplate on the Touchpad emulator on a Mac.

    Just wanted to try and reproduce it on win7 64bit and see if it works or not.

    Anyway, very grateful to all.


  • I followed the bootstrap instructions for grabbing the latest stable Enyo, modified the index.html file to add the cordova js script tag and then ran the Enyo deploy script. Downloaded PhoneGap 2.6.0 and copied the Enyo deployed files to the PhoneGap webOS framework directory.

    Finally I ran the PhoneGap make which built and deployed to the emulator. Not sure why PhoneGap 2.6.0 ends up as cordova-2.5.0.js but it does with the Mac make. The index.html file I used is below, it was the only file I modified. I tested on the TouchPad 3.0.2 emulator in VirtualBox.

  • Thanks FoulWeather,
    Its basically the same procedure I initially used. The only difference is in the use of palm-package instead of Make (comes up as not recognised in windows CMD).

    Thanks for your time,
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