Using Cordova / PhoneGap with Ares 0.1.1

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After having installed : Ares 0.1.1 on my x64 Windows7 laptop I was able to create a new Ares project and I configured it for using PhoneGap for HP webOS 2.

Different than earlier Ares versions this project now contains a file "" that reads like this:
Cordova webOS Instructions:

- Set up your project the same way you would set up any other bootplate project.
- Modify your index.html and JavaScript files as outlined in this blog post: [JavaScript Apps for Open webOS With Enyo and Cordova](
- Copy appinfo.json from the PhoneGap 'lib/webos/framework' directory and a cordova JavaScript file from the PhoneGap 'lib/webos/lib' directory
- Modify appinfo.json for your project and add an icon
- run tools\deploy.bat --cordova-webos or tools/ --cordova-webos to deploy your app.
This appears somewhat helpful - but I'm still missing a lot of information (I never build anything with PhoneGap). (I once manged to get a PhaneGap build account and a "token" that seems to be valid.)
From the above procedure I can not execute step3 to step5.
In my project folder there is no such "lib/webos" folder (step3) and so I cannot copy from there and modify the appinfo.json file (step4). The step5 "run tools\deploy.bat --cordova-webos" fails with ..
The system cannot find the file specified.
The system cannot find the file specified.
0 file(s) copied.
palm-package: C:\Users\myname\Documents\AresTest\test201303\tools\..\deploy\test201303 does not contain an app or service
So - do I need to install some PhoneGap bits on my local system ?? Does Ares do it for me or does Ares talk to a remote PhoneGap service?

BTW - I think the article is wrong at least in this:
Once done with that step, we can prepare the project for deployment by running the deploy script. For Windows users, deploy\deploy.bat and for everyone else deploy/
The correct location should be tools\deploy.bat


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