Ares 0.1.1 is out (Sprint 10)

I just published [email protected] on This is a bug-fix release, mostly targeting Windows users.

For developers, it is also now possible to fork ares-project from the GitHub interface without having to individually clone all of its dependencies. It will be much easier for people to hack on Ares, while keeping up on the Enyo team work at the same time.


  • Thanks a lot !!!

    I installed the windows (x64) version for Ares users. Even with the install instructions you have to know where to find suitable Node.js & NPM bits.
    The magic command "npm -d install ares-ide" seems to know where to find the wanted bits. :)
    In Ares I was able to see my Enyo2 apps that so far I tried as a developer. Even the remote PhoneGap service seems to do something with my app.
    But once the build process has finished I still have no idea where to find the results of the PhoneGap build. I configured the webOS build only.
    Either I need to find/read more introduction or perhaps there is an end-to-end video to show the whole process from installing Ares, building a Hello World app and deploying it on a mobile device.
  • Once installed, run it using node_modules/.bin/ares-ide (or node_modules\.bin\ares-ide.cmd) on Windows.

    am i missing something here? how do i 'run' this? i'm not a command prompt guy. i was fortunate enough to figure out how to get the darn ares package installed. :) thanks!
  • yes, use the command prompt in your home directory:
    and execute:

    Then in your webbrowser start Ares like with this URL:
  • there is no node_modules folder in my C:\Users\myname. it looks like it is in: C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node_modules. is it in the wrong place, or did the install not do what it should have? also - thanks for the help! i'm interested in getting this working!
  • npm will install into your current folder, so you should "cd" to a location for Ares to live on your drive before you run the npm command.
  • FiX, npm -d is failing for me on my Win8 box... looks like the issue is that I had node 0.10.2 installed. When I uninstalled that and went to 0.8.22, npm was able to install the code. Perhaps you should update the readme to note the requirement or update the npm registry if it will work with 0.10.
  • This Ares2 version 0.1.1 brings a limitation (which was not present before):

    The designer (Phobos) can not handle function code in the source file.
    As an example I added this simple function as a first line in the "Hello World" source code example:
    function foo() { return "foo"; }

    Now when I hit the "Designer" button it fails and no designer view is presented. Instead the console displays an error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    This exception is from code line 481 in Phobos.js:
    //* Extract info about kinds from the current file needed by the designer
    	extractKindsData: function() 
    Here at line 481 the is undefined for this o.type = "function"
    for (var j=0; j <; j++)

    So, what should be done here?
    1. Is this just a bug in the Phobos code and I should submit it.
    2. Should we avoid to define a function in the source file and just define kinds.
    What is the recommendation for defining functions ? Move function code to some other file and just keep kind definitions in the source content for the designer.
  • I think this is just a phobos bug.... it probably needs to see if properties is defined first. You should be fine to use any JS code in your files so fails there are a bug in Ares.
  • edited April 2013
    Thanks Ben. I will file a phobos bug in Jira.

    I see another minor issue with this Ares 0.1.1 version:
    I can not use the Ares top menu entry "Properties ...".
    It just does not do anything for me.
    The other menu entry "Accounts..." does work ok and opens a dialog.
    But for "Properties..." this code line 190 in ProjectList.js is called -but not evaluated as true:
    if (typeof this[inEvent.selected.value] === 'function')
    I inspected the inEvent like this:
    > inEvent
    Object {selected: enyo.instance, content: "Properties...", originator: enyo.instance}
    > inEvent.selected
    enyo.instance {_componentNameMap: Object, $: Object, owner: enyo.instance, content: "Properties...", container: enyo.instance…}
    > inEvent.selected.value
  • edited April 2013
    > Thanks Ben. I will file a phobos bug in Jira.
  • Thanks for submitting this issue. It is indeed a regression. We will try to get that ironed out for the next sprint.
  • @fix_kowalski - thanks for taking care.
  • edited May 2013
    I see it is a regression - but perhaps it is enough to explain the situation and provide some error message with a hint.
    From the additional comment in the bug report ENYO-2233 I understand that the recommendation for defining functions is to move function code to some other file and just keep kind definitions in the source content for the designer.
    I did move the function definitions to some util.js file and that works ok (for now).
    More critical for me is that Ares should "Allow using Enyo kinds that are not configured in Ares Designer"
    > as soon as I add a WebService kind to my components this entry will just disappear when I switch to the designer. (And I have no workaround for that)
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