where's my simple ares.palm.com?

sorry - i've been a little out of the ares loop. could someone kindly explain what this git stuff is and if it's even worthwhile to have a UI builder vs how easy it is enyo's framework works? all the git/node repository is a little intimidating since i haven't used that stuff.



  • ares.palm.com is the old service that Palm and then HP ran to build phone apps. It is being end-of-lifed. This system was never open sourced.

    Ares 2 is the new web-based IDE for Enyo app development that's been in progress for a while. It's not hosted by LG, but instead is an app you download and host on your own system using node.js and runs in your local browser.

    git is a system for doing version control of files. We use GitHub, a commercial provided of git storage and web UI, as a repository for the Enyo and Ares source code and as a way of taking changes from our internal dev team and the larger community.
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