YachtScoring works via debug.html but not via index.html

I have redeveloped an app using Enyo 2 called YachtScoring from an earlier version which used Enyo 1. The Enyo 1 version is installed on my TouchPad and does what it says on the tin.

The app has always launched successfully in Chrome on a Windows PC when using debug.html, however if I run Deploy.bat and then use index.html it has failed to launch with the following error message

Uncaught enyo.kind: Attempt to subclass an unknown kind (FittableRows). Check dependencies for [YachtScoring].

In desperation and after changing lots I eventually received the same error from debug.html by commenting out the following line

I added the following lines to index.html

and I can now launch YachtScoring but if I install the palm-packaged version on my TouchPad it still want work, because it can't find the layout library?

There would appear to be a setup issue, probably me, which means deploy.bat is not including these libraries.

Desperate for help.


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