FsLocal 403 error for [email protected]@ root

Yesterday I installed Ares2 on my windows 8 computer (node version 0.8.21). In accordance to the installation-manual I changed the root location (in ide.json) to 'k:\\enyo' since that is where most of my projects are resided. However, when I tried to create a new project or save a file I got a popup saying: 'Oh, no!? 403'.

The folder itself is writable, and I can - as expected - create a new folder through Ares2, but writing files throws out an error. I've checked different version of the root location ('k:/enyo', 'k:/enyo/', 'k:\\enyo\\', even '@[email protected]'), but they all result in the same error.

When I set the root to '@HOME', or even a subfolder of home (like '@[email protected]/documents/enyo') everything works perfectly fine, and I can create projects, save files, etc. But personally I don't like to use the my documents folder for stuff like this.
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