Lightning Talk

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Hi I did a lightning talk at the Ubuntu Developers Summit:

It's just a short introduction into Enyo, I tried to squeeze as
much as I could out of the short time I had.


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    Thanks! The talks starts at 33min37sec:
  • Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there are more of these community videos out there we could pull together somewhere?

    I found the focus of your introduction interesting. The sample app looked very good, but its styling was barely mentioned at all. I imagine this is a result of how easy enyo and onyx have made it to create usable, good-looking UIs.
  • I forgot to mention less.js, but I haven't used it yet. Onyx apps look really good out of the box. I tried sharing it as a link with the correct starting time but, it kept overriding me :)

    I think a community video program sounds good, I've seen it do wonders with Inkscape and Blender for example. Maybe we sound put on a wiki what ideas people want to be demonstrated and have people volunteer for covering them.
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