Whats the difference between Enyo and Twitter Bootstrap?

Hello kind people of the internet,
I'm a bit puzzled by the plethora of various js frameworks, so I ask for you patience with this question...

A.) But what's the difference between Enyo and Twitter Bootstrap?
A.1) When/why would I choose one over the other?

B.) And can the two frameworks be mixed?.
B.1) ..and if so, what would be a typical example of a good mix of Enyo and Bootstrap?

Note that I've been using jQuery Mobile for the past year or more, and while it's been fairly nice to develop with, jQuery Mobile CSS is a bit brittle to attempt any customization with.


  • Twitter Bootstrap is primarily a collection of really well thought out styles. There's also a fair amount of jQuery-based glue code provided to add functionality to those styled elements.

    Enyo is a different way of building web applications. While jQuery-type systems tend to start with a HTML coding of a site then then use JS to progressively enhance the page with new functionality, Enyo is a component system where the whole app is build from parts that are generated at runtime from JS code.

    You can mix Bootstrap and Enyo. If you look at some of the code like the Gallery, you can see that they use Enyo core but not the Onyx widgets. Most of the Bootstrap styles can be directly applied to HTML-based components, as long as the HTML generated by those components matches what the Bootstrap styles are designed for.
  • I like to think of it like this.

    1) jQuery is a way to manipulate and select HTML easily
    2) Bootstrap is a collection of nice styles you can use like buttons, sliders, etc. etc
    3) ENYO Onyx is similar to Bootstrap
    4) ... ENYO is a way to encapsulate all the disperate HTML elements and Javascript teqniques together.

    Think of Enyo as a wrapper to the things you want to do with the other "frameworks".

    . . . there is also ENYO MVC and Ares

    ENYO MVC demonstrates a way to connect ENYO to an MVC programming model. It hooks into Backbone JS and Node.

    Ares is a code editor and application builder for ENYO. It has phone gap integration and an in depth file managment layer. With phone apps, you can see how such a wrapper model would be perfect for. This was a common teqnique for phone apps where you would re-use a large portion of the application and just manipulate properties. Ares demos this in part with the builder.
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