issue in upgrading enyo with 2.1.1

I have installed HP WebOS 3.0 SDK on windows 32 bit. This SDK contains enyo 1.0. How do I upgrade it with 2.1.1

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  • You don't, really. You can certainly download the core and libraries and place them in the file tree where Enyo 1 currently is, but most of the time a developer will just include Enyo 2 in the app source and deploy it via bootplate to make everything nice and small/compact.
  • by having enyo framework 1.0 'm unable to use onyx library which is available in enyo 2.1. when i generate new project it automatically takes path for 1.0 where i already replaced it with 2.1.1. still getting error. when i installed plugin for the same in eclipse it always creates mojo application. i just want to know how to work with latest enyo framework. plz help.
  • So, Enyo 2 is not tightly integrated with the webOS SDK like Enyo 1 was and the SDK tools (palm-generate, palm-package, etc.) don't "just work" with a regular Enyo 2 application. These are the tools that the Eclipse plugin uses...there isn't an update for Enyo 2 applications.

    A lot of developers find it easy to use regular text editors to write Enyo 2 applications (I use Sublime Text 2). You generally are just putting a tag in the index.html that loads enyo.js either from your app source directory or from a web server.

    Make sure you read through this document:
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