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Hey guys,

currently I'm implementing a navigation based on CardSlideInArranger, but I have a little problem.
I have an App.js which is my Panel and consists of a few Lists.
When a List item is tapped an event gets triggerd for what App.js is listening for. Depending on the submitted inEvent.index I set panel.setIndex.

This works fine, but I noticed that all consisting kinds get created on start up which is pretty performance consuming. So my idea was to create a new component when it is needed, but tapping a list item leads to a blank page, while no error is displayed in my JavaScript console.

Is there any best practice approach???

My code:
	name: "App",
    kind: "FittableRows",
    handlers: {
        "onStartScreenListItemTapped": "changePage"
    components: [
        {name: "pages", kind: "Panels", fit: true, arrangerKind: "CardSlideInArranger", draggable: false, components: [
            {kind: "StartScreen"}
    changePage: function(inSender, inEvent){
        this.createComponent({container: this.$.pages, kind: "Bundeslaender"});



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